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Cancer Prevention




Philosopher named Voltaire once said;

Doctors prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings, of whom they know nothing.


My own personal philosophy and view is "How quickly the world has forgotten the thalidomide babies"

A bit of trivia about the horror of the thalidomide babies, who were born with severe deformities and missing limbs, because their mothers were given pills to stop morning sickness, they grew up, and some had babies of their own, who had exactly the same deformities on the same limbs.

Thus proving that chemical medication can have a devastating affect on people and their off spring.

Here is something well worth considering, and I not only speak from my own personal experience, but I have asked other people most of my life that have had allergies to any medications if either of their parents also had taken lots of the medications that they were allergic to, and it seems to be very common.

You see, I am highly allergic to all opiates and synthetic opiates, which is pain killers, my mother had tuberculosis long before I was born, and suffered migraines, so she had taken lots of painkillers, and over the years built up an immunity to them, she then passed on to me the allergy to them.

Then, during my whole childhood I had constant bouts of tonsillitis, they were not taken out until I was 15 and immune to antibiotics / penicillin, and in turn, my daughter is now highly allergic to penicillin, thus proving my theory that it builds up in our bodies and passes on to our offspring.

In fact this seems to me that taking all sorts of chemical medications is like a form of genetic modification in humans, and we really don't know

what the long term affects will be over a few generations.


I also feel that the same applies to food crops that are constantly sprayed with all sorts of highly toxic chemicals, how do we really know what the long term affects are going to be over a few generations. Humans are consuming more and more toxic chemicals, that also block or stop the absorption of nutrients, and I am sure that this toxicity is also causing the higher rate of cancers, illnesses and diseases.


Did you know that there are only 4 main causes of cancer ?


First; genetic, passed down from our parents, or inherited toxicity build up from our parents.

Second; emotional, mental stress, as the mind is far more powerful than we

all realize.

Third; toxicity, and this can be a build up of too much of anything, chemicals on our food, chemicals in our water, pollution, chemical medications, additives to foods or too much of anything, like the sun.

One of the main places we store our toxins is in the colon, which is why its very important to do a good colon cleanse at least twice a year, every 3 months is better. Too much toxins in the body, prevents the uptake of nutrients.

Forth; the most common and most preventable cause, is nutrient deficiency.

This can be caused by the wrong ph balance in the body, thus preventing it from absorbing nutrients, too much heavily processed foods that are often very nutrient poor, diets that are very limited in variety, and not enough freshly picked foods.

I firmly believe that if we have a broad enough varied diet that includes lots of different fresh foods, herbs, spices and condiments [pickles and sauces] then, there should be no need for all sorts of vitamin pills and supplements.


A simple fact I have discovered is that all cancer victims are deficient in the same nutrients.




During life I have also noticed the healthiest and longest lived of all people, are those that grow and eat their own home grown fresh fruit and vegetables.


I firmly believe that there is something in "Just Picked Foods", like an enzyme, or a natural "life force" that is lost within hours of picking, that has some of the most vital, regenerative and life-giving properties.


I feel sure that eating some fresh "Just Picked Foods" from your own garden every day, goes a very long way towards preventing cancer, as well as slowing down the aging process, while helping you to feel healthier, more energetic and mentally alert.


I am also a horticulturist, and have studied plant function and nutrition in depth, and an astounding fact I have discovered is that plants and humans have the same requirements, food, water, air, sunshine, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients and trace elements.

If plants are suffering from a lack of any of these they will suffer, even though with the nutrients and trace elements, it is not always noticeable to begin with, but they become very prone to illness, or get diseases.

I could get all technical here, and explain how certain nutrients give plants strong resistance to diseases and allow the plant to function properly, and without all the right nutrients, they can't actually absorb many of the other nutrients, even if they are there, but, the simple way of putting it is, with a deficiency, they get every illness and disease going around, get sick and die.


The other things that will make plants get sick and die is poisoning, chemical toxicity, wrong PH, or anything that prevents the plants taking in or using nutrients.


I can look at a plant and know from the look, growth, color, shading, shape, texture, and where the yellowing on leaves are, and know whether the plant is suffering a nutrient deficiency or not.


I can see straight away if it’s suffering from pest, disease, lack of water, or a deficiency in macro or micro nutrients, or trace elements.

If you look closely you can "read" the plants and see what they are telling you.

It’s exactly the same in humans!

If we are suffering from a lack of nutrients, or we are poisoned with toxins, the body shows signs; we get illnesses, diseases, get sick and die.


If we have serious health problems, our bodies show it in so many different ways, only most people are unaware of it.


Iridology clearly shows this, like if someone has a heart condition or a severe iron deficiency it can be seen immediately.

With the feet, by doing reflexology, another subject I have studied in depth, you can "read" a person’s body just from feeling their feet.

Other clues to illnesses or potential illnesses are in the way lines form in the face.


Other very obvious sign of illnesses are skin color and shade, for example if someone has jaundice, their skin looks very "yellow" and severe kidney dysfunction shows as deep black bags under eyes.


I also firmly believe that obesity is also a sign, or the body's reaction to anyone or more of the following; a nutrient deficiency, an imbalance in the body, an under active thyroid gland, a slow metabolism, too much toxicity in the body, side effects of medications, lack of physical activity, the after effects of anorexia or bulimia, silly fad diets that upset the body's natural survival mechanism, then reverting back to usual eating habits or a psychological problem.

And, yes it can also be caused by eating too much of the wrong foods or eating patterns, and not re-balancing it.


I must point out here that some people have it in their genes to be a certain size or build, and we all come in different shapes and sizes, so if you are skinny, accept it, if you really need to put on weight, stop eating breakfast, stop eating so much and so often during day, go to bed with a full tummy, do a bit of binge then starve, cut out the acids and spices, go on a strict weight loss diet for a few weeks, temporarily cutting out all fats and sugars, then stop, go back to exactly how you normally used to eat to maintain it, re-balancing it with reducing the amounts of acids and spices or going to bed with a very full tummy a few times a week and skipping breakfast, so it makes your body try to store more while slowing the metabolism.


If you are very underweight, or have any very fast unexplained weight loss, or weight gain, go and see a doctor immediately and ask for a full blood picture as it can be an indication of an illness or bodily dysfunction.


It’s exactly the same if you have a very sudden large weight gain, it could be a sign of other health problems. Everyone should go see a doctor for a complete health check up regularly, or at least once a year, and always before making any major changes to your eating habits, which by the way is always a bad idea, because most people revert back to normal habits after a few weeks.

You are better off making any changes gradual, so the body can adjust, as well as making it much easier and a more permanent weight loss.

If you come from a big built family, don't let society make you think you should be a skinny stick model type, instead of being solid, strong and robust.


To sum up the whole weight issue, if you can maintain a healthy weight range for your body size and build, and don't fluctuate your weight too much, your chances or getting cancer is greatly reduced, as being too over weight or too underweight, you will not have the inbuilt resistance to cancers, as severe weight fluctuations actually puts stress on the whole body, the heart, liver, kidneys, brain and bones.


All the very long lived, healthy active people I have known, have had broad varied diets that included lots of pickles, spices, acids, garlic, onions, chili, ginger, capsicum and tomatoes.


They also all ate some fish, and red meat, with some fat on.

This is a particular question I always asked anyone elderly, as I have had a life-long theory that there are vital micro nutrients and trace elements in the unprocessed natural meat fats that are necessary for good health and cancer prevention.


The other shocking and profound fact that is glaringly obvious about all these people is that NONE of them had a weight problem, or relied heavily, if at all, on pills or modern medicines.

These people were all cancer free, fit and healthy well into their 80's and 90's and older when I knew them.

They were all living in their own homes still and quite capable of looking after themselves.

Some of these people smoked cigarettes, some of them drank alcohol, some did both, but all said, "Nothing to excess, but, a little bit of everything".

They had all occasionally indulged in fast food take-aways, junk food once in a while, lollies, and chocolates.

If fact, some were self confessed tea, coffee, biscuit, lolly or chocolate addicts.

But all of them did try to avoid eating too many heavily processed foods.

Many of these people also started their day with a spoon of apple cider vinegar and a spoon of honey in a glass of warm water, as their health tonic.


I can’t speak highly enough of the many amazing health benefits of adding a good quality organic apple cider vinegar to your usual diet.

Not only does apple cider vinegar contain many vital trace elements and minerals, but it goes a long way in helping your body to absorb other nutrients, as well as reducing or controlling weight problems.


Apple cider vinegar helps the body breakdown calcium enough so the body can actually absorb and use it, and without the addition of apple cider vinegar, osteoporosis is quite common.


I have visited many nursing homes very often during my life and spoken at length with lots of residents, many of who needed a high level of care just due to ill health, and not because of accidents or injuries.


Things I have noticed about all of the un-healthiest person, under the age of 50, that are suffering a severe illness or a cancer victim, is that they all have very little fresh grown fruit and vegetables, if any.

Many of these people ate lots of highly processed foods and had "dieted" to lose weight, and ate a limited range of foods without the additions of the pickles, acids, spices, garlic and ginger.

Most of these people avoided eating meat fat, but ate lots of deep fried foods in heavily processed fat and lots of bread and margarine.

Yet another very profound thing they all had in common was they did not regularly eat breakfast.

Another obvious fact is that almost all of the cancer victims I have spoken to at length have also had a fair bit of exposure to chemicals, or have used lots of pills, pharmaceuticals / modern medicines.


My life- long passionate curiosity into health, diet, nutrition and weight control is why I have asked so many questions and what I have found to be the most obvious fact is that the un-healthiest people had also all eaten the same sorts of foods for most of their lives.


When asking these people what foods they liked or disliked, the replies were always similar, dislikes included fresh, raw fruit and vegetables, curries, spicy foods, pickles, ginger, and garlic.


Their favorite foods were, sandwiches, sausages, chicken, fast foods, pies, pizzas, BBQ's, [meat and bread, no salads] and pre packaged convenience foods that were all heavily processed foods, deep fried food cooked in heavily processed oils that are bad for you, lots of white bread and margarine, processed meats like polony / devon / luncheon, processed ham, fast food chicken, deep fried processed foods. Coca Cola was often their favorite drink.


Another thing I have noticed particularly in recent years is the "beer belly" syndrome.

I have met many a person with a beer belly that did not drink beer, and when looking closely at what they ate, I discovered they ate huge amounts of yeast based bread.

So. . . I have come to the conclusion that the "beer belly" can actually be bread or "yeast belly".


I also believe that for the body to function properly, it needs to take the time and energy to digest food properly, and it starts from before we even eat, in our saliva, the first part of breaking down and "processing" our food, so I believe we need to eat food we like, and eat to enjoy it to get the juices flowing.

Our bodies are supposed to process the food we eat, that's all a part of digestion and helps to keep the metabolic rate up.


So, if we keep putting bland, tasteless, heavily processed, and nutritionally poor food into our bodies, then of course our bodies won't function properly.



Foods that have cancer prevention, anti

cancer, anti aging or tumor reducing



I could write whole big thick books about each of the following foods, but it ends up being too much information to remember, so I have tried to simplify it as much as possible.

You don't need to include everything, or have it every single day, but try to include as many of these things that you like the best, as you can, over the space of the week.


Acai and Goji berries, apricot kernels, asparagus, prunes, grape juice, blueberries and very bright or strongly colored fruits, berries or vegetables, like beetroot, tomatoes, and old fashioned varieties of vegetables such as purple carrots, and ox heart tomatoes.

Garlic, onions, leeks, shallots, chives.

Barley, whole grains, nuts and seeds and fresh sprouts of any kind.

Broccoli sprouts are best but hard to find, best to grow your own broccoli and let some go to seed, collect those, and sprout them.

All dark leafy greens, like brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, silver beet, cabbage, parsley and other fresh herbs.

Beans, fresh, dried or better as sprouts and eaten fresh.

Spices, in particular, chili peppers, sweet peppers, red capsicum, paprika, turmeric, ginger, cumin, cinnamon and curries.

Apple cider vinegar, acids and citrus.

Seafood’s high in omega fatty acids / oils.

Most important of all, lots of fresh "Just Picked Foods" like apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, persimmons, grapes, mulberries, strawberries, capsicums, tomatoes, asparagus, vegetables, salads and herbs picked straight from the garden when they are in season, and eaten within 2 hours of picking, the sooner the better. The best fruit ever is eaten straight from a tree!


Another huge benefit is that we are told having pets to care for extends our lives, well, in my experience and opinion, so does having a garden with some of your own fresh foods.

Growing our own food, without chemicals, also gives a huge sense of pride and achievement, and it’s free! [Or nearly so].



The following foods should always be avoided, or should be eaten as little as possible:-


High sugar drinks, or drinks with lots of chemical additives like coke.

White bleached flour and any heavily processed foods.

Low fat or reduced fat foods, as usually they have only had the nutrients removed.

Any foods with lots of artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives.

Hormone fed chicken.

Processed meats.


Some other SIMPLE little health tips.


Blood pressure problems.

To raise blood pressure, eat lots of onions, to lower it, eat lots of garlic.


Heart problems

Ginger and spices, and the addition of apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol. Ginger has long been hailed as a wonder cure for heart problems among Asian people, often easing the pain of angina.


Liver problems or hepatitis

Beetroot juice helps to repair the liver and helps it to function better.



Margarine on the affected area, every half hour, within a month the skin should be showing signs of being repaired. Margarine contains vitamin A + D, the most important skin vitamins.



Sores or surface skin infections

Honey is an antibacterial, it prevents and stops infections. Cover with a thin coat of honey to help heal. Also helps to lessen scarring after an injury.


Boils or deep infections

Make a poultice of grated raw potato and leave on overnight, the starch in the potato draws out the infection to the surface.


Arthritis / Rheumatism

Add chili, spices and ginger to diet.

Massage painful joints with a blend of rosemary and lavender oil.




Smell or inhale fresh lavender leaves or flowers, as it helps to breathe easier and breaks down mucus.


Chest infection

Make a pendant with a piece of string or wool with a clove of peeled garlic; wear this around neck, against chest to bed.


Sore throat

Suck on a spoon of honey very slowly to soothe the throat from a raspy cough.

Honey mixed 50/50 with vinegar and taken by the tablespoon, 6 times a day, is an antibacterial, it helps to kill germs, while the antiseptic properties help to heal.

For a blocked nose that won't ease with lavender, or hot peppermints, squeeze the balls of the toes, a reflexology cure that works well on babies.


Severe foot odor

Soak feet in vinegar to kill the bacteria, and put baking powder in shoes.

For foot or toenail fungal problem, soak feet in Listerine mouth wash, as it is an antiseptic.


Smelly armpits or severe body odor

Wipe with white vinegar to kill surface bacteria that causes smell, can also dust with talcum powder with a little baking powder in it. Antiperspirants are not actually good for you, as we are meant to sweat as a way of ridding the body of toxins, as well as to cool us to prevent overheating.


Alzheimer's and Dementia

The best prevention for this is a diet that contains meat and fish fats and oils.

Most victims of these illnesses have often dieted or eaten very low fat diets.

Try to avoid antiperspirants that contain aluminum.


Kidney pain

To flush kidneys, it is best to only drink purified or distilled water as scheme water from dams contain too many toxic chemicals, including things like bleach, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda and heavy very toxic metals like lead, mercury and cadmium.

Fluoride is also another toxic additive as it is not ever meant to be consumed, and it is a by-product of making aluminum.

For kidney pain or urinary tract infections, drink Cranberry juice.


Dandruff or scalp problems

Massage warm olive oil into scalp and leave overnight.

Head lice repellent, add a few drops of rosemary oil to water and spray hair before going to crowded places.

Rinsing with vinegar in the water helps to get rid of eggs.

Makes hair shiny too!


Bee stings.

Immediately apply honey.



Dab with honey, and leave overnight. It kills bacteria and speeds healing.



Rub with a cut lemon, leave for a few minutes before rinsing and moisturizing. Won’t work immediately, will take a few applications, but it will definitely help to fade them.



Use cloth or cotton wool soaked in white vinegar and cover bruise for at least an hour, afterwards.

You can also apply Arnica cream available in health food shops.


Bone fractures or broken ribs

Comfrey cream is an ancient cure for broken bones. Apply regularly to speed up healing. Ribs will heal in 2 to 3 weeks instead of at least 6 weeks.



Very high doses of vitamin B repairs the nerve endings and sheaths.



Prune juice, figs, and lots of melon or grapes.


Swollen knees or ankles

Put some pumpkin leaves in freezer for a few hours, before bed wrap joint with leaves then cover to hold in place with bandage, leave on overnight.


Breasts engorged with milk

Cover with cold cabbage leaves and freshen when they go warm.


Babies teething

Apple juice is one of the few juices a baby can have 100% undiluted.

Apple juice has an anesthetic affect on the gums and makes teething easier.



One of the minerals that both humans and plants have difficulty absorbing is calcium, this is because the molecular structure is too large for the body to absorb, so, to break it down for the body to absorb it properly, you need to have all the other right vitamins and minerals in the body, and add apple cider vinegar to the diet.

Another way of getting lots of calcium is to make a "bone" soup with a dash of cider vinegar added to it, because it helps extract the calcium and break it down, ready to be absorbed by the body. If the body is suffering a sodium deficiency, it will also weaken bones.



Interesting facts about some other foods


Carrots; sliced in rings look like the human eye, and science has shown that carrots enhance blood flow and function of the eyes.


Tomatoes; look like a heart, with the four chambers, and research has shown that they are loaded with lycopine, a heart and blood enricher.


Grapes; are profound heart and blood vitalizing food, dark grape juice has also been shown to slow down the rate of cancer growth.


Beetroot; the strong bright color is full of vital nutrients and help to heal and repair the liver as well and enriching the blood.


Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb; slightly resemble bones in shape, and specifically help to increase bone strength.

Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are also 23% sodium, and if you are not getting enough in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak and prone to breakage and osteoporosis.

These foods help to maintain and replenish the skeletal needs in the body.


Sweet potatoes; they look a little like the pancreas, and actually help balance the glycemic index of diabetes.


Cinnamon; also helps to lower blood sugar levels.


Kidney Beans; are for the kidneys, they actually help to maintain proper function and to heal or help to repair damage due to too much chemical medications.


Onions; look like the cells in the body.

Research shows onion help to rid the body and clear waste materials from the cells within the body.

They even make tears, helping to clean the eyes.


Garlic; also helps to get rid of waste and dangerous free radicals and toxins from the body.

If there is an infection in the body, by adding more garlic, it helps to cleanse the blood and heal faster.


Walnuts; look like brains with all the different sections and wrinkles and folds.

It’s now known that walnuts help to develop more than 3 dozen neuron-transmitters for healthy brain function.


Brazil Nuts; to help lift depression eat about 7 or 8 Brazil nuts, also the natural fats and oils in nuts help with overall brain function as well as a preventive to Alzheimer's and Dementia.


Figs; are full of seeds and hang in two's when they grow.

They increase the movement of male sperm as well as increasing the number and health of sperm, helping to overcome male sterility.

Vitamin E also increases sperm count and increases fertility in both men and women.


Olives; assist in the health and function of the ovaries as well as helping to lower cholesterol levels.


Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits; actually assists the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out the breasts. Citrus are also acidic and help to dissolve and break down fats, thus lowering cholesterol.


Avocado's, Eggplant and Pears; help in the overall health and function of the womb and cervix in women.

Latest research shoes that when a woman eats just one Avocado a week, it balances hormones, helps to shed excess weight after having a baby, and prevents cervical cancer.

It takes 9 months for an Avocado from flower to ripe fruit, same time as a human pregnancy.


There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods, and modern science has only studied and named 141 of them






Copyright 2009 Lisa Quain

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 more notes

Cancer Prevention


Put simply . . .  the triggers for cancer to develop is nutrient deficiencies, too much toxins, too much sugar, too much processed foods,  the body being in an acid condition, being dehydrated not drinking enough good quality water, and a lack of oxygen.

Being dehydrated, acidic and adding sugar is what creates the most ideal conditions in the body for cancer to flourish and grow in.

Putting it more bluntly, cancer cannot grow in an alkaline, hydrated body full of vitamins and minerals and no deficiencies at all.   

If your body is in an acid condition, it cannot absorb and use most of the nutrients you put into your body, it doesn’t matter how many vitamin pills you take, your body just can’t absorb, process and use them.

One of the simplest ways to alkaline your body flush toxins from the body,  is to drink lots of good quality alkaline water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in it as that makes it more alkaline as well as being a good cleanser. Having half a lemon in the morning also alkalizes the body.

Because the body is made up of 78% water, we need to have the best quality alkaline water possible for optimal health.

Apple cider vinegar also turns alkaline inside the body while it helps to break down fats and nutrients so the body can absorb and use nutrients better, while dissolving the excess fat you don’t need, so it can be disposed as waste instead of being extra bulk to store.


So . . . if you get the body detoxified, alkaline it, and include the right foods with the most vital nutrients you need, and try to avoid as much processed food and sugars as you can, you can most certainly become far healthier and prevent cancer, illnesses and diseases.   

The main nutrient deficiencies that cause cancer are iodine, A, B12, B17, C, E and K.

B17 comes from apricot kernel seeds, [now called bitter almond] sesame seeds and many other seeds and it helps to eliminate cancer.

Doing a detox is the best thing you can do for your body, but only if you do it right, and starving or having juice only for days is not the right way. 

The simplest is a colon cleanse by eating lots of melon only in the mornings for 3 days.

To get rid of Candida, [a very common fungal growth in the gut]  eat only fruit and vegetables for 3 or 4 days, [no meat or processed foods] as Candida causes you to have nutrient deficiencies and stops the liver from working properly, it thrives in an acid body with high sugar.  If you have Candida it causes a vitamin B deficiency because the Candida basically eats the vitamin B, and taking vitamin B pills only feeds the Candida more, while preventing your liver from absorbing the vitamin B,  and a vitamin B deficiency causes a calcium deficiency.  This is why it is so important to cure the Candida if you have it, which most people in modern society do have it.


 Almost everyone is deficient in iodine because of chemicals on all our imported food called methyl bromide, that forces iodine from the body.  In our bread is bromine for making a good crust, and bromine in our water long with fluoride, that both also force iodine from the body.

Once you are deficient in iodine, your thyroid gland will not function properly, and they thyroid controls your hormones and metabolism along with many other vital bodily functions.

For anyone that already has cancer, you can make a tea from paw paw leaves, and drink some 3 times a day.

 Include far more vitamin C,  in natural food form.

Have as much just picked, fresh food as possible. Include broccoli sprouts, lots of dark green leafy foods, and try to always choose strong colored fruits and vegetables.

Include omega 3 from flaxseed oil, omega 6 from sesame oil [which also has calcium in it]   and omega 9 from sunflower or safflower oil.

To help to oxygenate, add small splash of hydrogen peroxide to bath water, and add 4 or 5 drops to a large glass of water.

Do not eat any fresh produce from overseas, and try to avoid anything at all that is processed or imported.

Avoid all artificial sweeteners and high sugar drinks, coke is especially a no no.




Products that are especially helpful are coenzyme Q10


Iodine drops